Progressions, Mirrors of Our Reality

by Diane Ronngren

Your natal chart is a map of the heavens at the moment of your birth. It indicates all of the potentials and possibilities of your life on the earth, positive and negative. It is the tool to study to ascertain where your talents may lie; the personal, emotional, physical, and intellectual qualities you may possess; the basis for interaction with others in all areas of your life; and insight into how you will experience your thoughts and express them during your life process. Just as you were born with brown or blue eyes, dark or light complexion, tall or short stature, the natal chart is intrinsic to you, and its energy is as strong as the genetic code that forms your body's DNA.

However, as we know, time does not stand still, nor do the planets. They begin their transit through your chart the moment after your birth. The transits bring the planetary energies into contact by aspect with one another in the continuous dance we call "life". Eventually the steps and movement of these zodiac bodies push us around the dance floor of our worlds until we have learned certain combinations of steps, and can comfortably relax into the rhythm and sway of our realities.

Our charts and the transiting planets create harmonious or discordant music at various intervals in our lives; we learn to sing along, or to change the beat and the words to satisfy our 'inner ear.' We create our personal music through choice and the distinction of our thought processes.

As the syncopated music of our outer lives rushes us around the dance floor, another hidden melody is playing--a melody with a rhythm all its own we can hear with our heart. This is the much slower and more intensely throbbing rhythm of our progressions.

Progressions move our lives forward at different rates and are felt at multiple levels of our being. For instance, Secondary Progressions bring experiences which help us to grow on an internal, emotional level, as our minds expand to accept new awareness to the possibilities of our lives. Solar Arc Progressions bring significant people and situations into our lives, to present us with growth opportunities based on our individual potential for interconnectivity. We will be offered opportunities which force us to respond to and participate in the process of the world around us. 

Tertiary Progressions bring us consciousness-raising issues, expanding our ability to deal with the circumstances of our lives. Reversed Progressions bring us opportunities to connect new experiences with past learning. They allow us to weave the pattern of our lives into a work of art, Cezanne-, Van Gogh, or Picasso-like; or to create a multi-colored quilt to warm ourselves with in times of distress or uncertainty.

All progressions have one major factor in common: their effect if felt or observed only when they interact (aspect) directly with the energy signatures in our natal chart while the transiting energies in the zodiac touch (aspect) them, triggering an energy surge in our lives.

Here are some of the ways in which we may alter the circumstances of our lives in concert with our progressions as they move through the houses of our natal charts:

1st HOUSE: A new sign on the First House, or a new planet in that area will signal a change in your mode of expression, your style, your general attitude, and in some cases gives a new and different vocational interest. A major change is generally in store for your life. Others begin to see you in a different light, due to these changes. Your focus is on YOU, and others in your life begin to shift as your expectations alter.

2nd HOUSE: How do you handle your money? What are you proud of? Self-esteem issues, your possessions and valuables, things and people you attract into your life--all of these issues are in question as the new sign appears on the second house cusp, or the new planet arrives on this scene.

3rd HOUSE: Siblings, your neighborhood, people and things you see on a daily basis are changing. The way you think and talk, and your mental attitude are on your mind when the cusp sign changes, or a new planet enters your third house. Usually a new car is purchased, and communication and transportation issues become a focus.

Anytime a sign changes on any house cusp due to a progression, and any time a planet enters a new house by progression, you will change your mode of expression and your attitude towards that particular area of life.

4th HOUSE: Home, family, roots, parental influences are in flux. There may be changes in the home base, children moving in and/or out, important relationships forming or dissolving. Health issues become a concern, either for yourself or your blood relatives. Fundamental changes occur which affect your life profoundly. You may find that you experience endings with a different attitude and are more or less able to let go than previously as the sign changes on the IC or a planet enters that arena.

5th HOUSE: Fun, games, athletic activities; lovers, children--anything you feel excitement about in your mind and in your life are the issue here. Children can play a prominent role. Since this is also the house of creativity and hobbies, latent abilities can become activated when a new sign progresses to this cusp or a planet enters this playground.

6th HOUSE: Your job, daily routine and health in general (maybe even pets in your life) are affected as you begin to notice changes in your patterns of behavior. Signs changing on the progressed sixth house or different planets entering this space, may indicate new work-related duties or a new work environment. You may start a new exercise program or a different diet; health consciousness changes.

7th HOUSE: You may notice a change of attitude towards people in your personal relationships and partnerships, or you may notice their changing attitude towards you as the sign on the cusp of this house changes, or a new energy enters this space. There could be involvement in legal matters, or in the affairs of others. You find yourself having different requirements in connection with your personal relationships than previously.

8th HOUSE: Thoughts about sex, death, taxes, inheritances, investments--these topics and other significant psychological issues surface demanding your attention in a new way. Some people seek to meet these changing times by dealing with a surgical procedure; some seek out alternative spiritual paths. You find yourself seeking support in a different manner than previously, and those who do not meet your present needs get left behind as the sign on the cusp progresses to another, or a new planet enters the natal house.

9th HOUSE: In-laws can play an important role. You focus on new goals. Your opinions (or the manner in which you express them) are changing. You are likely to feel a different response to the idea of travel or to the world around you. You may find yourself reconsidering your educational options, perhaps going back to school for a higher degree or to gain new training. You no longer accept without question the cultural and belief systems you were raised with as the sign changes or new planets enter the Natal 9th house.

10th HOUSE: You begin to find new goals for your life. Possibly you consider changing your vocation if you have not been receiving the respect you feel you deserve. New bosses cause you to think about how you interact with authority figures in your life. Interactions with your parents may change. You want to gain the respect of others for different aspects of your personality. Sometimes, as the sign changes or new planets enter the 10th house, a change of status is indicated: marriage, divorce, parenting, even home ownership may come up.

11th HOUSE: How do you relate to friends and groups of people? Are the people you have considered your friends really there for you? What is important in your relationship with your world at large? What are the major factors upon which you base your life premise? What is the purpose of your path? Why are you here? These and many other questions about your life cause changes in your thinking processes as the sign on the cusp of the 11th house changes, or new planets enter this area.

12th HOUSE: Dreams, wishes, and hidden talents bring a sense of satisfaction and joy to your spirit. You notice a new sensitivity and hopefulness. You may also become aware of the changing roles of people you have trusted in the past. You may become sensitive to drugs or medication and need to study the alternatives. What are your new fears, and how do you escape from your troubles? What do you want now?

Each time the sign on a house cusp changes, a new planet takes over rulership of the house. The original ruler will leave a certain legacy behind which can color the continuing process, but the new ruler will demand your attention to its rules and regulations.

Think of the Eastern European countries which fell first to the Germans  during WWII, then became part of the sphere of the Soviet Union with their demand to participate in Communism. The people in the countries still spoke their native tongues, but now they were a part of a different governing system. In many ways, this is how progressions work in our lives--on a personal scale. The new ruler of the cusp, or the new planet will add dimension to your personality and to your destiny.